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Are you a bilingual school?

No.  Most of our faculty and staff members are bilingual but the school itself is monolingual.  We encourage you to contact us in case you have any concerns regarding this issue.  We do accept enrollments of students whose first language is Spanish under specific conditions


What curriculum does Power Christian Academy use?

We are actively researching for the most challenging, relevant and up to date and up to standard curriculum and supplementary educational resources.  We also closely monitor the specific needs of every grade level, class and students individually.  Therefore, the choice of curriculum and resources is constantly changing accordingly to our students’ needs, virtues and challenges. 


Our base curriculum for pre-school (K3-K4), elementary (K5-5th) and middle school (6th-8th) is Abeka.  For more information click here.  (abeka info link)


Our base on-line curriculum for high school (9th – 12th) is Ignitia.


Do you offer a personalized work plan for every student?

Yes we do.  Our school has a base structure and curriculum but any students that demonstrate a deficiency or exceptional talent will automatically be evaluated to better assess the creation of a personalized work plan that will either bring the student to standard or take the student to more advanced opportunities. 

What ancillary classes are offered?

We offer STEM (engineering, computer science, and biomedical sciences) and Physical Education.  We also offer Advance Placement classes.


Two-year high school program?

Our curriculum is designed to meet the specific needs and talents of every student.  Any student that complies with the requirements is allowed to apply for out Two-Year High School Program, in which the student is given the opportunity to advance and eventually graduate early.   For more information about candidate requirements click here.  (program pdf)


Does Power Christian Academy participate in early college or high school/college dual programs?

Yes we do.  Our counselor will inform both, parent and student, about the requirements and the application process.  Students have the opportunity to enroll in one of the following:

Laredo College Dual Program

Laredo College Early College Program


TAMIU's Concurrent Admission Program (pre-requirement: THEA test)

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