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What is Power Christian Academy’s religion?

We are a Christian church that passionately serves God and its community.  We believe we are called to love one another and serve each other. 


Our hope is that every student will have an encounter with God and the discipline to faithfully grow in an intimate relationship with God.   


We have chapel services every morning, where we share a praise and worship experience, a Biblically sound message, and pray with and for our students. Students also participate in a mid-afternoon devotional with their teachers.  


Scripture knowledge and memorization are fundamental to our growth in Christ. 

What church sponsors and mentors Power Christian Academy?

Dunamis Ministries located at 1601 Shiloh Dr.  Dunamis Ministries has been serving the community of Laredo for more than 25 years.  We are a body filled with commitment, passion, and faith for the service of God. 

"Dunamis" Meaning

The word dunamis comes from the Greek word that means power, strength, explosion.  We believe that anyone that comes to Christ and accepts Him as Savior, is filled with the power of the healing and restorative power of the Holy Spirit.  (Acts 1:8)


Our Goal

To spread the good news of the gospel of Christ Jesus and be of impact to our community through the restoration of every family and household.


Our Vision

To restore and reach the broken families of our city for Christ.

Our Mission

To bring glory to God through all activities and exercises of faith.  Our heart bursts with passion for the unity and healing of all families here in Laredo.  We pray and work hard to be able to provide the resources needed for all generations to come together in love and peace and for broken families to be whole again. 

Our Beliefs

1.  We believe in the Holy Trinity:

God the Father: He is the beginning and the end and all of Creation was made by HIm.

God the Son: Through His sacrifice on the cross, we find redemption and salvation.  He intercedes for his children before the Father.

God the Holy Spirit:  Sent by God.  He is our helper and sanctification.   

2.  What do we confess?

- Salvation is an act of divine grace through which we are clean from sin and made children of     God.    

- Our Lord bought our salvation through His sacrifice on the cross.

- Jesus Christ is our Savior.

For more information please call 956-712-1171 and visit



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