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Power Christian Academy is an independent and non-discriminatory institution with an annual budget dependent upon the tuition of the students and gifts of friends for operating expenses. 

It is a private Christian school for elementary through twelfth-grade students, located on 1601 Shiloh Dr. Laredo, Texas.


Power Christian Academy develops students to be today’s example and tomorrow’s leaders.  They will stand out in identity, character, courage, intellect, service, and their passion for Christ.


Our school is dedicated to providing each student with

  • Academic excellence through an exceptional, competitive and challenging curriculum

  • Holistic education: body, mind, spirit, and soul.

  • A Christ-centered environment that will nurture confidence, conviction, self-worth, and identity.

  • Home school dynamics and personalized work plan.  Our school provides the one on one time and attention that every student requires, assuring each student of a custom and personalized work plan, and the emotional comfort and safety of family-like relationships between the student body and staff.

  • Biblical principles that will focus on love, hope, faith, endurance, and truth as the foundation for a virtuous character and exceptional leadership skills.


  • Every child can develop and grow a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • All of God’s children deserve the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

  • Engagement by parents in their students’ education is vital.

  • Excellence is not a goal, but rather a way of learning and living.

  • Mental and physical fitness are complementary to each other and foundational for student success.

  • Service to our community and country is a sacred responsibility.

  • Power Christian Academy unites the school with the home and church to prepare its students to “take hold of their future today”.

*From Augustine Preparatory Academy 2020, Milwaukee, WI.

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