Admission Forms

All parents must fill out the following forms at the time of registration or re-enrollment:

·         Financial Information Form / Re-enrollment Form

·         Parental Consent, Certification, and Medical Authorization Form (found in admission packet)

·         Student Information Form (includes a section for allergies and a child release form)


All parents must turn in the following information for each child enrolled:

·         Birth Certificate

·         Social Security Card

·         Updated Immunization Records

·         Former Official Transcript for all High School Students

·         Former Report Cards for all 1st through 12th Grade Students

·         Former Achievement Test Results for all 1st through 12th Grade Students



Financial Information for the 2019 -2020 Academic Year

  • Registration Fee  $475.00

  • Tuition - A yearly tuition of $3,750 to be made in ten monthly installments beginning

        on Aug. 1st and ending on May 1st  $375.00

  • Students enrolling after August 31st need to check with the school office for monthly fees.

  • Harcourt Testing Fees(K5- 12th grade) $45.00  

  • Internet Use Fee (5th - 12th grade) $150.00 per semester

  • Computer Use Fee (5th - 12th grade) for students using school computers (Sept. - May) $20.00 per month

  • Computer Class Fee (K4 - 7th grade)  $100 per semester 

  • Maintenance Fee $60 per semester  


Power Christian Academy Uniform Guide:

Using Ibiley’s Website.

  1. Go to www.ibiley.com

  2. Type “Power Christian Academy” in the search bar.

  3. Click on the grade level (division) of your child: PK-4th or 5-12th.

  4. After adding your products to your shopping cart, write the coupon code in the space provided for it.  Click Proceed to checkout and fill in your credit card information.  It is important to include your phone number and email address in your personal information.  Always print out and save your receipts in case a return or claim is needed. 

Pieces required by grade level: Pre-K to 4th Grade

Power Christian Academy Uniform Guide:

Important Notes

  1. Girls must wear spandex or lycra shorts under the jumper or skirt, so their underwear is completely covered.

  2. Girls with skirts must wear knee high white socks for formal Fridays.

  3. Older girls must wear concealing underwear.  Nothing must show through the polo or blouse.

  4. Winter accessories besides the cardigan and jacket must be all black (beanie, gloves, scarf…). 

  5. Boy and girl Senior students will have the option of wearing black jeans and white sneakers.  They MUST wear the school polo and for colder days, a black jacket or coat.

  6. P.E.  will require of the students a change of underwear and socks, besides the assigned uniform.  I encourage you to pack their belongings in a discrete manner.  Personal hygiene is as important as a change of clothes.  It is necessary for every student to carry wipes and deodorant.  More details about this subject will be addressed soon.  

For questions, please feel free to text to 956-286-0003.  I will make sure to return your message with a call.  If you can’t reach me, you may call Mrs. Delia to 956-712-1171.  I will be overseas from June 18 to July 2nd and out of town from July 11th to the 19th.  Any other day, you should be able to reach me. 


Once again, thank you for your amazing support and patience!  I know God is and forever will be in control of our school and community.  We will never stop walking towards the greater things He has promised us in His powerful Word.    We will see our children grow in stature, wisdom and favor, in the name of Jesus.  Amen! 


Pieces required by grade level: 5th - 12th Grade



To download the parent/student handbook click in the box below.




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